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Two violinists approached us to design a new home to provide a warm and welcoming location where family, friends, and fellow musicians could assemble to have frequent small concerts in their home.


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The launch of this website represents an exciting opportunity to share for the first time some of the representative work that the firm has been working on since the last launch of our website, which seems like many years ago. From our participation in the modular design challenge of the International Home Show back in 2010 up to present, we have attempted to provide through other means such as twitter, flicker, YouTube and Facebook, small glimpses of some of many projects both completed and in progress, that we have been fortunate to collaborate on with our clients.

From the earliest notions and exchanges about meaningful design, listening, testing, communicating, experimenting, researching, and finally making, we have hit on the most natural way we know to provide a truly authentic architectural expression for our clients: that is, an exterior architectural manifestation of the interior life activities and rituals, the people and objects that give meaning to our lives, and the interactive forces demanding attention from the site context itself.

To all of our clients and our consultant and building teams that have made these visions possible for our clients, I want to personally thank you. A sincere thanks to those office folks who have endured, supported and reinforced in the “patient search” I have been struggling to provide in our “design clinic”: our continued desire to arouse in our clients the opportunity and potential of collaborative, authentic design expression. You can request access to view more completed and ongoing projects contained in our online portfolio, at