What We Love
What We Love

Throughout our experience, the highlight of working with RLA was that- He’s a musician – simpatico. What we love most about our home is how well it works as a live/work space.

- C + S


-You take the time to understand your clients and your design reflects their needs and desires. You provide options and are quickly able to recognize what is good, what can work and what the client will like or not like. This was our journey with you. It was as if you were in our heads at times. However, you were still open to our input with some of the design features and recognized that these inclusions were important to us….even it wasn’t exactly the way that you wanted it to be. Your attention to detail is consuming and it is those details that make the house unique, that make the house ours. Throughout the process you suggested options, came up with solutions, deftly mediated opposition at C of A, worked through difficulties, helped resolve and limit conflict and most of all understood the need for all things square!

Richard, you are a talent like no other and we tell that to everyone who asks. –The compliments are still coming in from family, friends, neighbours and strangers about the look and feel of the house…..how it looks like no other house in the area yet still fits in the neighbourhood.

Thank you for designing and giving us the house that we wanted. We love it and are so happy to be in our new home! It is OUR house – designed for us, built for us, perfect for us. It was a pleasure and honour to work with you.

- S + A

Very Pleased
Very Pleased

For us, the highlight of the project was Richard’s artistic vision and the time he took listening to our goals and objectives.

We were very pleased with the communication from the staff and this helped translate Richard’s and our vision of this project into reality.

The house is extremely well-designed for the lot and takes advantage of the ravine setting. We love the visuals as the foliage changes with each season. The ceiling height and large glass panels make nature a focal point.

- M + V

Thank You
Thank You

-This is a thank you — a huge thank you. With what I consider to be a minimum amount of muss and fuss, your “smaller” project came to fruition and let me tell you —it’s beyond expectation. Every time someone walks through the front door, they quite literally gasp. One of my elite staff members described it as “heart-stopping”. It is everything we hoped that it would be and then some.

For all of your efforts on our behalf, for understanding that this job was not situated on Lake Joe and yet worthy of great beauty, for knowing who we, the owners, are and how to make it simple, we thank you over and over again from the bottom of our hearts.

With love and thanks,

- B + J

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you a small glimpse of some of many projects, both completed and in progress, that we have been fortunate to collaborate on with our clients.

To all of our clients, consultants and building teams that have made these visions possible, I want to personally thank you. We continue our desire to arouse in our clients the opportunity and potential of collaboration to achieve an authentic design expression.

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